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16 years.
5953 days fighting for them.

Vedama is a non-profit animal protection society located in Oliva (Valencia).

The association is made up of a group of people who, for many years, have had the commitment to work for the most disadvantaged animals.

July 15, 2010

The association, as we know it today, was founded on July 15th, 2010. For a while, Vedama exclusively worked with foster homes.

After managing to close the old municipal dog pound, Vedama was able to use these previously conditioned facilities.

First Vedama logo
First Vedama logo.

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What are the tasks of a volunteer inside the shelter?

  • Feeding the animals.
  • Cleaning the facilities: cages, corridors, parks, garden, and office.
  • Regularly bathing our dogs.
  • Playing with them.
  • Administering medication daily to those who need it.
  • Taking dogs for daily walks.
  • Maintaining the facilities.
  • Taking photos and videos for subsequent publication on the website and social media.
  • Assisting visitors to the shelter.

How can a volunteer help outside the shelter?

  • Creating and distributing posters and donation boxes.
  • Selling lottery tickets, t-shirts, organizing fundraising markets.
  • Recruiting new members and volunteers.
  • Secretary: creating, sorting, and updating dog profiles.
  • Following up on adopted animals.
  • Assisting with website and social media maintenance.
  • Taking our dogs to the veterinarian.
  • Providing temporary foster care for some of our animals.

Do you want to join us? Would you like to come to the shelter and help us?

Fill out the following form and bring it printed to the shelter.


Minors under 16 years old must always be accompanied by their legal guardians. In the case of minors aged 16 to 18, they must be accompanied by legal guardians, at least on the first day.


Wrapped 2023 is here, our year in review. Shall we begin?

Have you adopted one of our dogs? Are you or have you been a godparent, member, or teamer and want to know your involvement with us? Or do you just want to know how the year has been? We've summarized our annual work for you. Thank you for helping us make it possible!